28 July 2010

Cambridge Teachmeet

If you have been following Isla, Niamh, Katie or Celine, on blog or twitter you will by now have heard of our meeting to arrange a teachmeet on the 27th September, and have some idea of what this entails. What more can I add? Well here goes - just a few thoughts.

-Come along whether as a participant or an observer - who knows, you might be inspired to join in next time.

-The slots are deliberatly short (and open to flexibility timewise - just an indication of what to aim for).

-It is a great way to dabble your toes in the water - short and sweet - maybe it will encourage/inspire you to consider a longer presentation at other library events?

-Feel free to approach the topic from any angle - it could be an event/idea/application you have tried that worked brilliantly that you wish to share - or equally something that didn't quite hit the mark, and that you would do differently next time.

-'Cambridge Librarians' is just a rough indication of whom we expect will want to attend, however we are open to librarians/library assistants from all types of libraries - academic, public, commercial etc etc... and I am sure you wouldn't be turned away for being just over the border ;)

So be brave - join the fun - if someone as tongue-tied as myself is prepared to give it a go, I am sure anyone can!!!


  1. Great post Chris, thank you for mentioning the various ways people might approach the topic (things that worked or things that didn't) as I don't think the rest of us remembered that in our first posts.

    All this enthusiasm and energy is infectious (I hope!) - I feel like wearing a slogan t-shirt or something :)


  2. "and I am sure you wouldn't be turned away for being just over the border"

    We wouldn't want to be - I wouldn't be able to come if it was limited to librarians living in Cambridgeshire!

  3. :)
    Just wanted to show we were inclusive, rather than exclusive.

    Like the T-shirt idea... busy envisaging all sorts of slogans front and back.

  4. getting more excited the more I think of it!

  5. It's nice to hear that not only librarians but also library assistants are invited. I might be able to attend, I hope.

  6. @Revelation23 Yes, absolutely, library assistants are invited. Anyone working in, or with an interest in, any sort of library is invited. No librarian vs library assistant divide here. We'll be sending out publicity through more Web 1.0 channels in due course, too, to make sure as many people as possible hear about it.

  7. Can't emphasise Girl in the Moon's point enough - definitely open to all, working in a library = librarian as far as we're concerned.

    Hope to see you there.