22 September 2011

CILIP AGM Livestreamed

As I was unable to get to the CILIP AGM I decided to watch the livestream and follow the Twitterfeed at the same time (#cilipagm11). I confess I went into it with trepidation, having had some bad experiences of livestreamed events before - but I must congratulate CILIP on producing such good quality images and sound (despite the occasional hiccups with the mikes).

I tuned in as soon as I finished work at 5.30 - and was a little surprised it  was already underway ... but at least attending remotely there wasn't the embarrassment of trying to sneak quietly in! It took me a few minutes to settle into watching it and following the twitter conversation at the same time - but once I got into the swing of it, it was a great way to take part. I really enjoyed the asides from fellow watchers as well as those present. -see Llordllamas point 12 on his blog :-)

It would have been great if we could have voted online at the time too (it was useful to hear the questions being asked prior to the voting taking place), but I can see that this would probably be too hard to achieve. What would be quite feasible however would be to take some questions from the twitter attendees (perhaps @cilipinfo could be persuaded to ask questions on our behalf next time?)

Towards the end we watched with interest to see if they would leave it running when the drinks reception started - but no such luck. This was one of the downsides of watching remotely - instead of drinks and a chance to network, all I had to look forward to was the drive home. On the plus side I was home in half an hour.

All in all a great success. Thanks CILIP - here's to next year.


  1. Cheers for linkage and twitter fun Chris!

  2. Just a short point on tweeting questions (as you may have missed this due to early start) - they couldn't take questions from virtual participants as only CILIP members can ask questions or give comments in the AGM and there's no way to moderate this online at present.

    At CILIP West Midlands, we accepted questions from Twitter for the husting event we livestreamed last year for the CILIP election and it worked well, but I appreciate that CILIP AGM has to follow certain rules and regulations (agree with you that it is a shame though - maybe something for CILIP to consider for next year).

  3. Thanks :)
    Was initially sad to miss the actual event, but in retrospect, think I actually enjoyed the combination of the livestream and the Twitter chat more (much more relaxed).

  4. Thanks Jo - perhaps if we registered prior to the event could get round this?

  5. If CILIPInfo created a Twitter list prior to the AGM, this should be easily do-able.