6 October 2011

QR codes and libcampuk11

I've been wanting to explore QR codes ever since I discovered their existence at the UC&R and CoFHE Conference at Exeter last year. The impetus finally came, firstly from buying a new phone (theoretically so I could send/receive e-mails) and secondly, the clear easy instructions on how to create QR codes from Katie.

I love Katie's idea of linking a cake recipe to a QR code and displaying it next to your cake - however, not being the best cook, I decided to use one on my name badge for Library Camp (Apologies to Katie for taking inspiration from her name badge!)



  1. Chris,

    Delighted that the instructions were useful, and no apologies needed for taking inspiration from my badge!

    See you tomorrow :)


  2. I'm very impressed with how organised everyone's being making badges, I think I'll have to opt for a scrawled sticky label on the day though. See you tomorrow!