10 June 2010

Doodle... it's a doddle

I have come across Doodle before as a participant, but never tried setting one up before. I was surprised by how easy this was. I decided to use it to arrange a meeting with two of my fellow Cam23 participants, who I already needed to organise a meeting with on another matter. I had been putting off doing this because of the usual plethora of e-mails that need to be sent before all find a date that is free. This seems a much easier way of doing it.

Any disadvantages? I would prefer not to have all the adverts. However if this is the payoff for getting the application for free, I can put up with them.
Also a potential problem is the ability to edit the survey after it has already started. However on the whole a very useful application, which I can see myself using in the future, and encouraging others to use too.

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