6 June 2010

Ramblings of a Novice Blogger

Welcome to my blog. For those of you who are wondering - the name comes from my website Loopylizard. This is a recent 'challenge' - I knew enough about HTML to edit a page, but wanted to take this one step further and create one. For those of you who are curious, the web page got its name when I was discussing possible domain names with my family - who responded "well you like lizards". After that Loopy Lizard and The Lizard Lounge just seemed natural! With any luck this blog should appear in an abbreviated form in the website.

I'm a librarian (why does that sound like the opening line of a "Librarians Anonymous" meeting!)
as you will probably guess from the content to follow, I work in Cambridge and am taking part in Cam23. I was interested in taking part in this to expand my knowledge of Web 2.0, and as an incentive to have a go at those things I have not tried before. Coming from a 'techie' household, trying out new computer applications does not fill me with any great dread - rather a sense of adventure... once I get going.

I've played with various Web 2.0 applications over the years - some with more enthusiasm than others. Almost all has been for personal satisfaction, rather than in a work context. Facebook is used to keep in touch with far-flung family and friends, and for entertainment. I have 'dabbled' in Twitter for a while - mainly to glean interesting facts, rather than to disseminate much useful information myself. Delicious has been looked at fleetingly - set up in a training session, but then promptly forgotten about - as were RSS feeds (mainly because they were set up to a new e-mail account, not the one I normally use, and also because they were chosen fairly randomly as an exercise, and therefore were not of sufficient interest for me to follow). Google Calendar I find an essential tool, for keeping tabs on our busy family - and working out when we actually have a weekend free. Other applications have used as a consumer but not contributed too. I look forward to trying out the other challenges.

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