8 June 2010


I have considered using igoogle before - but not really seen a need to. This was a good chance to play with it and see whether I would use in in earnest.

Having now had it set up for a couple of weeks, I am still in two minds about igoogle. I love the ease of adding new applications (and equally deleting them), but I still feel a little uncomfortable about using it in a work setting. Somehow it still feels more like 'playing' rather than work related. I realise that this is in part due to the lack of specifically library related items on my page, but in all honesty at the moment there are few applications (that I know of yet), that I would use on a day to day basis.

For personal use I think it is great (although as often as not I forget to log in and just go for the standard search when I am looking for something). I also love having everything all together, and changing it around at will.

The page is still very much work in progress - I know for it to have any chance to be used long term, it needs to be filled with items relevant to me, so I can see this will need careful consideration over time. I also want to put my own picture rather than a standard one at the top of the page...something to work on I think.

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